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Family owned and operated in Australia for more than 15 years

Chewigem Raindrop Pendant Sensory Chew

ColorSky Blue

Family Owned & Operated

Run by a Qualified Occupational Therapist

Specialists in Sensory Processing and Ayres Sensory Integration

Fast Processing

Introducing the Raindrop Pendant Sensory Chew - a subtle necklace offering a gratifying sensory experience. Crafted from safe, toxin-free silicone, it adheres to high safety standards. Embrace the Sensory Wearable Revolution with Chewigem, blending fashion and sensory benefits. Chewigem has transformed the lives of 92% of individuals with Sensory Processing Disorder, enhancing focus and reducing anxiety. - The Raindrop Pendant Sensory Chew is a chic necklace designed to cater to sensory needs subtly. - It offers a pleasing sensory experience with its smooth, chewable texture. - Crafted from food-grade silicone, it's safe and toxin-free, adhering to high safety standards. - Embrace the Sensory Wearable Revolution and celebrate sensory needs with Chewigem. - Chewigem offers a variety of sensory chew products to cater to diverse preferences. Explore Chewlery with our Raindrop Pendant Sensory Chew. This sensory chew pendant is both a stylish accessory and a practical tool for those with sensory processing needs.

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Chewigem Raindrop Pendant Sensory Chew



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