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Family owned and operated in Australia for more than 15 years

Family owned and operated for more than 15 years

About Calming Kids Australia

At Calming Kids Australia, we are committed to providing high-quality products at affordable prices. 

Each product is crafted with care and infused with our passion. A lot of the products are locally made here in WA (with a big-shout out to Gordon’s - Alycia's husband - sewing skills).

The Story

Established in 2006, Calming Kids is an Australian owned and operated family business that was started by a parent of a sensory sensitive child and with the support from their Occupational Therapist at Melville Occupational Therapy. For over 15 years Calming Kids Australia has been on a mission to support other families like theirs. 

In 2023, the two businesses, Melville OT and Calming Kids Australia came together and are now both owned and operated by the same family.

Our great range of products are designed here in Western Australia, under the guidance and support of Occupational Therapists. They are made with the highest level of care and using quality materials. Most of our calming weighted and lycra products are filled, finished and packed locally. 

In addition to our locally made products, we collaborate with international brands to make their products available in Australia, such as SAM Sensory Clothing and Squease Vests.

At Calming Kids Australia, we are also committed to fulfilling the unique needs of Allied Health Professionals, Schools and Educational Support Schools throughout Australia, to help their clients and students feel calm and focused in order to support their learning and development journeys.

What we Stand for

Our Values

We Care

We focus on providing the best support to children and adults throughout their developmental journey.


All our products are made with care using the highest quality materials to support sensory processing and daily functioning.


We can achieve more together. We collaborate with brands to help bring new products into the Australian market and with organisations to help support their clients.


With many of our products handmade by us, we can tailor our products to your preferences. Just contact us to discuss how we can customise our products to your needs.

Meet the Founder

About Alycia

Calming Kids is owned and operated by Alycia
Keys, a qualified Occupational Therapist with over 18 years paediatric
experience. Alycia has completed a number of post graduate training
courses including her Advanced Ayres Sensory Integration training
through Sensory Integration Education and Sheffield Hallam University

She is married mother of 2, she is an active person who
enjoys exploring the outdoors with her family and 2 labradors. She has a
strong belief in the importance of self-care and empowering the
children and families she works with to achieve their goals.

"We're all about giving people a helping hand. Especially kids and adults who need a little extra support with their sensory processing, learning, and development. That's why we stock a whole bunch of weighted blankets, fidget toys, and learning tools - whatever helps you feel calm, curious, and ready to conquer the day”

- Alycia

Made with Love

Our Products

Our great range of products are designed here in Western Australia, under the guidance and support of Occupational Therapists.

All products are made with the highest level of care and using quality materials, to help support children and adults with their sensory processing, learning and development.


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