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Family owned and operated in Australia for more than 15 years

Fabric Sensory Chew


Family Owned & Operated

Run by a Qualified Occupational Therapist

Specialists in Sensory Processing and Ayres Sensory Integration

Fast Processing

Super absorbent terry cloth chews, specially designed for those who prefer fabric or towel textures over smooth silicon or rubber alternatives. Say goodbye to ruined clothes with these innovative fabric chews!

Available in a six pack or singularly - Colours selected at random. 


Product Features:

Designed for moderate chewers, these fabric chews are crafted to redirect from chewing and biting clothing or other items. Unlike other chews, they have excellent absorbency, ensuring shirts stay dry even during extended periods of chewing. 

With a Velcro fastening and 73cm long, these absorbent chews can be worn as a necklace or around the wrist.

Note: Use with adult supervision. This item is non-returnable.


Product Care:

These fabric chews are made from 100% polyester, ensuring durability and easy care. Simply machine wash them and air dry for hassle-free maintenance.

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Fabric Sensory Chew



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