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Family owned and operated in Australia for more than 15 years

Kaiko Crunchy Caterpillar Fidget


Family Owned & Operated

Run by a Qualified Occupational Therapist

Specialists in Sensory Processing and Ayres Sensory Integration

Fast Processing

The Crunchy Caterpillar is the cousin to the Caterpillar fidget.

It has larger stainless steel beads WITH A DIFFERENCE!   They have texture and create a sound and 'crunchy feel' on roll.  It’s a bit similar to rolling the flint of a lighter in sound and sensory input. 

Many rub the cord also. You can push your fingers in between the beads for a similar sensation to the pea popper.

Not suitable for 3 and under as beads can pose a choking risk.

Please note they are made using cord that can fray over time dsue to friction.  This is wear and tear and cannot be avoided.  The time this takes to occur can depend on how the fidget is used. 

These have been effective for those who

  • hair twirl or pull
  • stim with fabric
  • roll Blu-Tac 
  • also wonderful for decreasing agitation for those with dementia and anxiety

Black cord with silver beads.

Material - beads stainless steel and cord polyester.

Not suitable for 3 years and under due to small parts. 

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Kaiko Crunchy Caterpillar Fidget



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