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Family owned and operated in Australia for more than 15 years

TheraPutty - 85 grams

ColorPlum - Extra Firm

Family Owned & Operated

Run by a Qualified Occupational Therapist

Specialists in Sensory Processing and Ayres Sensory Integration

Fast Processing

Sanctband Theraputty is a brightly coloured, non-sticky putty that can be stretched and molded to improve hand strength and fine motor skills. Each colour coded putty has a different consistency for strengthening muscles of the hand and building fine motor skills. 

Please consult an Occupational Therapist (OT) to guide you on theraputty exercises as these will vary dependent on your child's individual needs. 


Product Benefits:

  • To support the development of fine motor skills including strength, dexterity and finger isolation. 
  • As a rehabilitation tool after hand injuries.
  • To support imaginary play skills.
  • Putty can also be used as a fidget tool to support focus and attention and stress management. This size is compact and perfect to take with you on the go.


Colours available:

  • Plum - Extra Firm 


Product Care:

  • For children 3+ years of age. 
  • Please take care on soft surfaces as the putty can melt into these.


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TheraPutty - 85 grams



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